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Edu MASTER is a Enterprise management system with detailed financial management
And E-learning system to help the students learn new topics independently.

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About Edu Master

Schools are at the heart of all education systems. More than this, schools lay the foundations for the societies of the future, because they play such a crucial role in forming the citizens of the future. They are also decisive for our future prosperity, which depends greatly on the skills – in the widest possible sense of the world -and knowledge which schools are imparting to their pupils now.

EDUMASTER is designed for Schools to integrate an international school system to their real world. This system is an EDUMASTER -Smart Schooling with Smart Classroom - Integration of a set of electronic components with Online Software Modules. EDUMASTER is a fully automated system for schools to run their day to day activities. It designed with the following concept.

EDUMASTER is an enterprise management system with detailed financial management and e-learning system to help the students learn new topics independently. EDUMASTER collect the student information system for administrative use. EDUMASTER have multi user, multi session and multi program syllabus package and very user friendly school management interface. EDUMASTER also provides automatic fee management process, automatic report card generation, and graphical analysis of teachers and students performance and complete automation of staff administration. EDUMASTER is a means to automatically prepare all certificates. EDUMASTER support both intranet and internet capability.